3 Biggest Fashion Jewelry Trends: 2022/2023 New York Fashion Week

New jewelry trends are emerging each year, and any jewelry addict like me and hmmm.....you, love when New York Fashion Week rolls around. That's one of the many things to love about SpicyK's Paparazzi Accessories offerings. The design team have great insight into emerging fashion jewelry trends and work tirelessly to design and curate the best pieces, at a price point that won't make you flinch. They know that we like keeping up with the timely trends and tend to accessorize accordingly. However, in the modern environment of consumerism and fashion brands, one should think twice before jumping on a trend only to fit in. Many of today's most popular fine jewelry trends have been popular in the past, which also means your grandmother or mother may have a few items you can borrow. In any case, whereas some of the trends you can assume to see this cold weather are nostalgic, others appear to be gaining traction for the first time. Here are the three biggest fashion jewelry trends at the 2022/2023 New York fashion week:

Long Drop Earrings: 

Long Drop earrings are a type of earring that hangs just beneath the ear lobe. Drop earrings are anchored by studs, hoops, or hook sides and feature charm accents or small beads and gemstones. Drop earrings are similar to dangle earrings in appearance, but they do not sway when you walk. When are oversized earrings not in style? They are frequently seen dangling from ramp models' lobes. 

These earrings add only the right level of drama to the look when worn with a sleek updo with no other jewels. They look great with a puffy overly large skirt, providing a seamless balance for a standout look. When one's outfit is simple and unsubtle, or when you are balancing statement pants, skirts, or shoes, dress it up with XXL earrings. This will create pattern and balance in the outfit, giving it a wow factor.


Colorful Statement Pieces:

Jewelry can instantly elevate an attire, and if the attire is rather boring, nothing could elevate it like bold colors. Girls will undoubtedly be seen wearing colorful enamel pieces this season. It is a simple way to add some color and fun to the winter wardrobe. To show off this trend, wear a pair of pink baby basketballs or stack a few multicolored rings. Shades for Spring/Summer 2023 has been re-calibrated for the new phase. We embrace the investigation of extreme comparison in mood and color, blending fun and entertainment with reality, wholesomeness, and joy. 

The Pantone Color Institute chose fiery red, beetroot purple, plum pink, empire yellow, and iconic green as colors for 2023. Of sure, you should always consider skin tone. "Choose hues that light up your face and enhance your skin tone,". And when it comes to jewelry shapes, there is only one rule: the bigger, the better. Consider chunky bracelets, dangly earrings, and colorful necklaces. Indeed, you can integrate various jewelry trends, which is why choosing a statement ring with a stone in a trendy color is a simple way to rock numerous trends at the same time.

Look for pieces that are bold, colorful, and fun to wear. I love to mix and match pieces that are different but complimentary. Heck why not? That's why for me, jewelry with oil spill or iridescent hues are perfect and give so much versatility. And the best part - these pieces are perfect for dressing up or down. If you tend to stick with neutral colors, or have never done the bold and beautiful thing before, no worries. I'll walk through it until we find a piece or two that is perfect for you. I'm telling you, you'll find yourself falling in love.


 Body Chains:

Body chains have been around as long as jewelry, though most people associate them with the 1970s and 2000s. Body chains have been around for 5,000 years. While body chains are typically considered springtime jewelry, they could be worn over figure-hugging apparel such as bodycon dresses and tracksuits this fall/winter. 

Body chains were popular among celebrities in the 2000s. With the fashion resurgence of the aughts, it was just a matter of time before body chains became fashionable again. Wear a body chain with just a crop top to wear it down; this way, this only shows all over your belly. You can also dress it up with a simple low-cut dress to draw attention to the back. If you intend to wear a body chain in extreme cold, layering it over a tight sweater dress can elevate a simple look to a new level.

The Bottom Line

These top 3 biggest fashion jewelry trends at 2022/2023 New York fashion week give you so many possibilities to make any look unique to you and your personality. By wearing colorful statement pieces, body chains, and long drop earning trends you can make your look classy and more attractive.

Laugh! Live! Love!

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