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Life of the Party Blissentials 5-Piece Collection - January 2024


  🎀Introducing the 1st Life of the Party Blissentials Bundle! Experience the ultimate in luxury and style with these exclusive Life of the Party accessories for January 2024! Elevate your everyday style and make a statement with Life of the Party Blissentials. Embrace your unique sense of fashion with the vibrant flair that each piece brings.

Paparazzi Life of the Party exclusive collection. Trendy jewelry and accessories for any occasion! LOP Life of the party Exclusives. Ready to be shipped right away. Includes one of each Life of the Party exclusive accessory for January 2024

Necklace: "Ardent Affection - White" (P2ST-WTXX-138XX )
Post Earring: "Twinkling Tulip - Pink" (P5PO-PKXX-104XX)
Necklace: "Multicolored Mayhem - Multi" (P2ST-MTXX-133XX)
Bracelet: "Shimmering Solo - Orange" (P9RE-OGXX-067XX)
Ring: "Bewitching Beau - Multi" (P4ST-MTXX-028XX)

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