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Life of the Party Exclusive Blissentials 5-Piece Collection - February 2023


🎀Introducing Life of the Party Blissentials Bunde!

Blissentials - A pack of five craveable, swoon-worthy, bliss-inducing, accessories exclusively available to Paparazzi Life of the Party members and their jewelry-obsessed customers! Translation - A 5-piece bundle exclusively available to Life of the Party access consultants! 🎀This Exclusive compete set includes Includes one of each Life of the Party Exclusive Accessories for February 2023.

Includes one of each Life of the Party exclusive accessory for February 2023:
Necklace: "Emerald Envy - Multi" (P2ST-MTXX-101XX)
Earring: "Water Lily Whimsy - White" (P5ST-WTXX-064XX)
Hoop Earring: "The Gem Fairy - Pink" (P5HO-PKXX-047XX)
Bracelet: "Chic Corsage - Multi" (P9ST-MTXX-020XX)
Ring: "Untamable Universe - Multi" (P4ST-MTXX-022XX)

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