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Magnificent Musings Jewelry Set - April 2023


The Magnificent Musings Collection radiates daring designs and beautiful statement pieces. Reveling in unabashed fashion, MM mavens express themselves through sassy grunge glam and smoldering styles. Keep 'em guessing - the Magnificent Musings Collection is all about the self-assured individual, powerfully inviting second glances and double takes upon entering the room.

Includes one of each accessory featured in the Magnificent Musings Trend Blend in April's Fashion Fix:

Necklace: "Running Out of STEAMPUNK - White" (P2IN-WTXX-048NI)
Earring: "I Have a STEAMPUNK - White" (P5IN-WTXX-023NI)
Bracelet: "Age of STEAMPUNK - White" (P9IN-WTXX-029NI)
Ring: "Blowing Off STEAMPUNK - White" (P4IN-WTXX-023NI)

Fashion Fix

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