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Magnificent Musings - August 2023


Paparazzi Accessories Fashion Fix

The Magnificent Musings Collection is a bold salute to stand-out dressing and daring design. Perky yet unrepentant, it's the ideal way for self-assured trendsetters to reveal their true selves--go-getters whose glam-grunge style promises to make 'em do a double-take when they make their grand entrance.

Includes one of each accessory featured in the Magnificent Musings Trend Blend in August's Fashion Fix:

Necklace: "Audaciously Affixed - Multi" (P2ST-MTXX-124OT)
Post Earring: "Connected Confidence - Multi" (P5PO-MTXX-104OT)
Bracelet: "Fearlessly Fastened - Multi" (P9ST-MTXX-044OT)
Ring: "Pronged Powerhouse - Blue" (P4ST-BLXX-023OT)

New Kit Fashion Fix

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