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Magnificent Musings - December 2023


Paparazzi Accessories Fashion Fix - Complete Trend Blend

The Magnificent Musings Collection offers a daring display of fashion. Grungy glamour and statement pieces blend to create an edgy look that expresses boldness and confidence. Mysterious and intriguing, this collection was made for the fearless individual whose entrance is worthy of a second glance. You’ll receive one of each accessory featured in December’s Fashion Fix from the mesmerizing Musings Trend Blend.

Necklace: "Punk Passion - Blue" (P2ED-BLXX-077SF)
Hoop Earring: "Piquant Punk - Blue" (P5HO-BLXX-062SF)
Bracelet: "Punk Pattern - Blue" (P9ED-BLXX-040SF)
Bracelet: "Punky Plot Twist - Blue" (P9ED-BLXX-047SF)

Fashion Fix

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