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Sunset Sightings Jewelry Set - June2024 (PRE-ORDER)


Paparazzi Accessories Fashion Fix - Complete Trend Blend

Indulge in abstract designs and bold combinations of the latest trends with the Sunset Sightings Jewelry Set - June2024 (PRE-ORDER). Embrace your unique sense of style and stand out from the crowd. Inspired by runway shows and TikTok feeds, this collection is perfect for those who love to push boundaries and turn heads with their fashion choices. Get ready to make others envious with your fearless fashion sense!

Pre-order Item: Please note that pre-order items will ship once they have arrived at our shop. Includes one of each accessory featured in the Sunset Sightings Trend Blend in June's Fashion Fix:
Necklace: "Celestial Confidence - Silver" (P2WH-SVXX-387YC)
Earring: "Moth Master - Silver" (P5WH-SVXX-287YC)
Bracelet: "Celestial Captain - Silver" (P9WH-SVXX-261YC)
Bracelet: "Moth Maestro - Blue" (P9SE-BLXX-459YC)

Fashion Fix

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