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Sunset Sightings Jewelry Set - May 2023


Paparazzi Accessories Fashion Fix

Break out your boldest style with Sunset Sightings - May 2023! This collection of fun, daring fashion has something for everyone who dares to stand out. Mix and match abstract designs, the hottest trends, and funky combinations for a look that has your onlookers saying, “I wish I could pull that off!” Get ready to show off your fearless fashion and live life on the edge.

Includes one of each accessory featured in the Sunset Sightings Trend Blend in May's Fashion Fix:

Necklace: "Colorblock Craze - Multi" (P2ST-MTXX-123OP)
Post Earring: "Colorblock Canvas - Multi" (P5ST-MTXX-059OP)
Bracelet: "Colorblock Cameo - Multi" (P9ST-MTXX-042OP)
Ring: "Colorblock Chic - Multi" (P4DA-MTXX-022OP)

Fashion Fix

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