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The April Paparazzi Zi Signature Collection 2023



Lapidary luxuries of light blue, marbled with sumptuous brown swirls, are carefully polished and chiseled into glistening teardrops and marquise-cut gems. A thick silver curb chain hosts each of the sleek stones, forming a leafy formation that cascades around the collar. Silver bars, punctuated with a tactile texture, twist and turn between the earthy clusters, encircling the marquise-cut stones in exquisite detail. This piece is adjustable and adorned with a clasp closure, and as the stone elements are natural, some variation of hue is expected. Plus, a pair of coordinating earrings make the set complete.

Named in honor of the Seize the Spotlight Winner for 2023, April F., this Signature Collection is truly fit for royalty.

The April

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